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If you ever need a quick solution or an answer that is not covered anywhere on Silka.Tours, you can reach out directly by sending a message (using this form) or simply calling us. We are here to help!

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Manage your booking

Log in to your account to manage and update your customer profile, retrieve your previous reservations, create wish lists and book exciting tours to new destinations. Our unique features -- a countdown to take off and preparation milestones -- will be available in your account when you log in.

Silka Tours concierge

Travel Concierge

For those looking for personalized, unique, luxury, out of this world experiences in the destinations we offer, our Travel Concierge service will be able to make those dreams a well-executed and exciting reality. Some of us have over 12 years of experience working with high-net worth individuals and we know how to be effective!

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Corporate clients

Corporate and academic clients are more than welcome to discuss their study trips, research and ethnography expeditions and discoveries, as well as team-building and other incentive programs. We have a great deal of experience working with television and production companies, educational institutions, foundations, and historical societies.

Silka Tours learn before you go

Learn Before you Go

We compiled a list of helpful tips and general advice for each destination so will be well prepared and would know what to pack, how to dress, how to phone home and what to do if you require accessible travel services. Are you traveling with children? We have a ton of advice for that too!

Silka Tours destinations guide

Destination Guides

Unless you are Rick Steves, you will find our carefully written and thorough guides very helpful when you are getting ready for your trip. We had consulted with academics, local tour guides, and a few other knowledgeable categories to provide you with an interesting reading. Even if you don’t go this year, reading about a new place will help you learn something about this planet and different cultures.

Silka Tours why silka

Why Silka

Because we are low-overhead, technology-driven, locally-owned small business that is trying to make a difference by improving the “old school” travel practices and making travel experiences an effortless,comfortable and enlightening adventure.

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