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Group travel is probably one of the most cost-effective ways of exploring countries. When you travel in a group, the costs of transportation, guide services, etc. are split between travelers thus reducing the “per person” expenses. Still, accommodation is a sizeable chunk of the tour cost which is somewhat inflexible: you either share the room with friends or family or opt for single supplement (which adds to the cost).

We developed a rather unique program, taking a page from the shared economy handbook -- the Find a Companion feature, where you can find new friends and reduce travel costs by matching with similarly-minded travelers heading to the same destination.

How it works

If you are planning to buy a tour to the destination of your choice and travel alone, you could either do just that or select “Find a Companion” during check out. Your name and tour dates will be added to the list of travelers, who are interested in finding a companion.

When a person with similar interests searches for a tour, they will be given an option to join you and form a “companionship”. This will reduce the cost of a tour for both of you. It is not guaranteed, but you could save money if you opt in during check out and we find a companion for you (by finding we mean that someone searches for a tour of similar nature, buys it and agrees to the terms of this offer).

If we do find a companion for you and the tour is not cancelled, you will be issued a rebate within 90 days after you returned from the trip. The amount of rebate varies and it is calculated based on tour price.

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