Why Silka?

The current packaged tours market is what we call an “old school”, where established companies are doing things they used to do for decades. By doing things differently, we at Silka Tours bring innovation to the stagnant market. Silka Tours is a young and open-minded startup that aims to improve the current situation with guided tours offerings.

When devising the company’s concept we tried to think like you, the traveler, and the priorities that are important to you. It all starts with simplicity and user-friendliness of our booking engine, continues on to informative and relevant country profiles to help with travel planning, all the way to itinerary inclusions that are important to modern day travelers and, of course, the pricing.

One of the bigger differences you’ll notice is how easy it is to buy a tour at Silka Tours. You don’t have to write long emails describing your needs and wishes (but if you want to -- we have the tools!); everything have been carefully thought out for you.

Silka Tours handles all inquiries quickly and professionally and you will always hear from us no matter how grande or how small your idea is. We always work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations and we rely heavily on the feedback and reviews we receive to perfect our operations.

To sum up: we are a technology-driven, low-overhead, small business which translates to efficiency, reasonable pricing, and personalized approach. Give us as try, you will not be disappointed!

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