Our Story

“To follow the Silk Road is to follow a ghost. It flows through the heart of Asia, but it has officially vanished leaving behind the pattern of its restlessness: counterfeit borders, unmapped peoples. The road forks and wanders wherever you are. It is not a single way, but many: a web of choices.” ― Colin Thubron, Shadow of the Silk Road

The early predecessor of Silka Tours was founded in 2001 and it offered destination management services to individual and small groups in Central Asia. Silka Tours “2.0”, now the U.S., Virginia based company, was established to cover destinations along the Great Silk Road that the founders are passionate about and have the most experience. The current area of destination coverage includes countries of Central Asia, The Caucasus, Mongolia and China. The company encompasses more than 17 years of experience in group, individual, luxury, and adventure travel. When it comes to delivering long-lasting memories, we pride ourselves on our ability to find exciting, unique and often off-the-beaten path locations in the destinations we offer.

Our clients are mostly North American, English-speaking, well-educated individuals, institutions and organizations looking for good value options in the packaged tour market. Our products -- tours to destinations along the Great Silk Road, professionally guided in small and medium sized groups -- offer safe, comfortable and mentally stimulating environment for travelers. Our clients’ biggest motivation is spending quality time exploring the world, meeting new cultural groups, seeing old historical monuments, unique and exciting locations.

Silka Tours partners with friendly small to medium-sized businesses in the destinations we service. These companies are usually referred to as the destination management companies (or tour operators) and we have developed quality control systems that help us keep the service and satisfaction on the highest level. Working with smaller privately owned businesses also ensures efficiency and personal touch, which is always a positive sign when it comes to working with people. Extensive contacts within the industry allow us to be creative when developing itineraries for packaged tours.

Our business operations, based in Arlington, VA, are currently handled by the managing director, CFO and travel coordinator. We also work with freelance web developers and editors who take care of the website and its content.