Message from the Co-Founder

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” ⎯ Lao Tzu

Traveling, exploring is enlightening. You meet people, cultures, ancient civilizations and discover the wisdom that is noticeable in countries that existed for many centuries. You visit modern megalopolises and discover what the future may look like. In my opinion, traveling is the most rewarding experience a human being can attain. In one trip you can combine visual, mental, sensory and culinary stimulation and this will form a long-lasting memory, something that we cherish in our lives.

Travel and exploration has always been a passion for me and no matter what I did in life, it always revolved around the travel industry and exciting destinations. I co-founded two companies, and one is still a successful travel-related business.

My newest venture, the “going back to the roots”, was named Silka Tours, something my team came up with discussing what we thought was one of the most under-appreciated destinations in Eurasia: the Great Silk Road and its historic importance to us as the civilization. Since my previous start-up back in 2001, technology developed rather drastically and the world has gotten a lot smaller, so I thought about how to benefit from these two factors. I thought about using modern internet and mobile technologies to make cultural travel and ethnography a stress-free and streamlined process for those looking for new experiences and destinations to explore.

At Silka Tours, we work hard to develop tours and itineraries that are not only comfortable and safe, but mentally stimulating, encouraging, educational, and inspirational. We explore every possible option until we find the best people and places so you can count on having the best experience of your travelling life.

I invite you to take advantage of our expertise with the Great Silk Road destinations and explore the world in comfort and safety of our well-organized groups.

Val Chebakin, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Silka Tours